These Kindergarteners Will Make You Rethink How You Deal With Emotions

This is really impressive.

Julie Bayer Salzman and Josh Salzman have created a remarkable short film entitled Just Breathe about the emotional lives and coping mechanisms of children. Featured on Mindful Schools' YouTube channel, the project was inspired by an overheard conversation between the filmmaker's son, then 5 years old, and one of his classmates, who were learning how to overcome anger through mindfulness.

Impressed by her son's uncanny wisdom, Bayer-Salzman decided to film some of her son's classmates at Mar Vista, California's Citizens of the World Charter School.

In it, the kindergarteners discuss anger, but then the film takes a surprising twist that we can all take something away from.


They talk about what makes them mad.

They talk a little about how it feels to be angry.

The video doesn't stop there, however. Things get interesting...

By being mindful of these feelings, the kids have developed ways to calm themselves.

They focus on centering themselves, on slowing down...

...proving that kids can teach us a thing or two. Watch the video below.

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