He Pulled Off An Epic Surprise Proposal, With The Help Of Some Famous Dinosaurs

"It was one of those moments where everything faded out around us, and I only saw him."

Jurassic Park may not be considered a romantic comedy by most viewers, but the film played a starring role in one couple's real-life love story.

When superfans Devin and Chelsea went on their first date, he showed her a picture he'd taken on Jurassic Park® - The Ride at Universal Studios in Orlando. "We bonded over that right from the start and would then watch the movies together from time to time," Devin told A Plus. "It became 'our thing' once we started going to Universal Studios Hollywood together and taking goofy pictures while going down that 80-foot drop." 

That's why, when Devin decided he wanted to take the ultimate plunge into marriage with Chelsea, it was so important to incorporate the ride and its infamous drop into his surprise proposal.


Photo Credit:  Bryan Goldsworthy (NBCUniversal )

Meanwhile, Chelsea thought she and Devin were just at Universal Studios Hollywood to beat the Jurassic Park® - The Ride record with 62 straight rides. (That also conveniently explained why Universal Studios Hollywood filmed them throughout the day.) "...[The ride] is our favorite," Chelsea told A Plus. "It's a riverboat adventure where you really feel like you're a part of the movie. It never gets old." 

Photo Credit:  Bryan Goldsworthy (NBCUniversal)

The first time the couple went to the theme park together, they rode it five times in a row. "At the time, we thought that was a lot, and said to ourselves, 'We love this ride so much, we should set a record for the number of times riding it.' So, literally while standing in line, we started planning how and when we could do it," Devin explained. 

They talked about trying to set the record for over a year, but didn't make the time to do it ... until Devin learned that Universal Studios Hollywood planned to close down the ride. "Earlier this year, I realized how great it would be to do the proposal along with the record ... but once I saw that the ride was closing, I knew I had to get my act together," he said. 

Photo Credit:  Bryan Goldsworthy (NBCUniversal)

Devin reached out to Universal Studios Hollywood through their website's contact form, and they instantly jumped on board to help him pull off the epic wedding proposal. Then, the couple and Universal Studios Hollywood employees began planning the ride record on one set of emails, while Devin and a few key team members secretly planned the proposal on a separate set of emails. 

"Man, oh man, was it hard for me to keep all this a secret from my best friend, Chelsea," he said. "There were so many times I'd get an email on the 'secret chain' that would have some cool detail in it ... and I'd just want to turn to her and tell her. But I had to hold my tongue, knowing the big reveal would be worth it." 

Oh, it was.

After the record-setting ride, the couple went into the gift shop and looked at the picture taken of them during the ride's climactic drop. "... Devin had made us matching 'Jurassic Park® - The Ride' t-shirts, and we had planned to pose for the record-setting photo by opening our (otherwise buttoned) jackets," Chelsea recalled. "I saw the photo and thought, 'Hey, that's us and our cool shirts. Wait ... Devin's shirt doesn't match mine.'' 

Instead, it read, "Chelsea, will you marry me?" 

Photo Credit:  Bryan Goldsworthy (NBCUniversal)

"My initial reaction was absolute surprise ... Then it was one of those moments where everything faded out around us, and I only saw him," she explained. "... It was a whirlwind of a day and it was made even better with everything he'd planned." 

Besides the custom-made shirt, Devin pulled out a can of Barbisol shaving cream that, just like in the movie, opened up to reveal a secret compartment holding the engagement ring. The officially licensed prop replica — the only one in existence — came from Chronicle Collectibles, and the team at Universal Studios managed to borrow it for Devin and Chelsea's special day.  

"Despite it being so nerve-wracking for everyone involved, it all came together beautifully," Devin said. 

Needless to say, the surprise proposal was a dinosaur-sized success.

Photo Credit:  Bryan Goldsworthy (NBCUniversal)

As for the wedding, the couple is "very open to goofy adventures," including but not limited to having a destination wedding at Sam Neil's (who played Dr. Alan Grant) vineyard in New Zealand (just, you know, waiting on an invite) and letting Steven Spielberg to be their officiant.

For the moment, however, they're just happy to share this special moment with family, friends, and even strangers after having kept it a secret for so long. "We FaceTimed our parents right after, and they are so happy for us and are proudly sharing the news. They think it is just the coolest thing," Chelsea said. "We told a very small handful of loved ones that we got engaged and for the most part, we kept the details of how a secret until the video debuted. Everyone is now celebrating with us, and it's so neat to re-experience it and share our adventure." Since Universal Studios Hollywood posted the video on August 23, it has received more than one million views on Facebook. "... Everyone was so excited and supportive, and the response since the video was posted has blown us away," Devin added. 

Because Universal Studios Hollywood was in on the surprise, the lucky couple now has a professionally filmed and edited video they can watch together for years to come — when they're not busy watching Jurassic Park, of course. 


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