If You Have A BFF, Get Ready To Melt

It really doesn't get sweeter than this.

Some girls prefer not to kiss and tell — but if Minnie Mouse gave you a nose-kiss at Disneyland last year, you have an obligation to tell your BFF about it.

And that's why Violet made a video in anticipation of her friend Juniper's trip to Disney.  

The girls are 3-year-olds and, as ABC News calls them, "cancer treatment buddies."  They were both diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called retinoblastoma that starts in the eye.  When the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted Juniper's wish to "meet Minnie," Violet couldn't contain her excitement for her friend.

"Juni, I'm so happy your wish is coming true. I love you," Violet said, smiling at the camera.

Violet had been to Disneyland last year through Make-A-Wish and had plenty of Disney-related wisdom to share with her friend.

"You'll go on 'Small World' and make sure you sing the song," Violet said.  "Give Mickey and Minnie nose-kisses.  She gave me one!"

According to Juniper's mother, when Juniper saw the video she kept repeating, "That's my Violet! That's my friend!" 

Today, Juniper is in remission and, as Make-A-Wish spokesperson Josh DeBerge said, they both "paint the perfect, simple picture of what we do at Make-A-Wish every day: give hope and strength to kids battling life-threatening medical conditions, helping them feel better and sometimes, even get better."

(H/T: http://wish.org)


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