If You're Going To Mess Up On Live Television, You Might As Well Laugh It Off

Too funny.

Every month, the YouTube channel NewsBeFunny puts together a compilation of the best news bloopers from all over the world.

And sometimes, certain segments stick out over others. July's news bloopers happens to be one of them. We know being a news anchor can be difficult, but sometimes there is no better way to get a laugh than watching things go wrong on live television. Fortunately, it seems almost all these news anchors know how to laugh at themselves. 

Before you watch the video, check out some of these screenshots and see if you can guess what is actually happening on TV.


6. When reporting outdoors goes wrong.

5. A little too close.

4. A tad bit distracted?

3. The unintentional sexual reference.

2. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

1. Improv!

Check out the full video here:


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