Is This What A Postcard From Mars Would Look Like?

Is this the future?

Years back, America was just an unknown land. Fast forward 500 years to the future and now it's one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world.

These days the unknown lands are no longer on planet earth. 

"[They] are now located far from Earth and our most famous explorer is a robot," explains Julien Mauve, a French photographer, on his website. "'Curiosity' is the Christopher Columbus of our century, crawling the surface of Mars, searching for clues and informations about its past."

Inspired by this idea, for his latest photo series titled Greetings from Mars, Mauve reimagined Mars as a tourist destination. Will we one day send postcards from Mars the way we do from Italy? 


"I have always wondered what it would be like to discover a totally different world, lifeless, full of wild landscapes and to photograph it for the first time as if I was Ansel Adams," the photographer explains. "So I came up with this project, which is about space exploration and discovery. But it's also about our behavior in front of landscapes and how we crseate pictures that will share our personal story with the world."

Game on, space travels.

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