‘Modern Family’s’ Julie Bowen Paid A Visit To ‘Ellen’ In The Best Throwback Costume

It's pretty perfect.

If you're going to show up on The Ellen Show for Halloween, what better costume than Ellen DeGeneres herself? During her recent appearance on the show, Modern Family star Julie Bowen channeled a retro DeGeneres for her Halloween costume and impressed everyone with her impersonation.

"Julie Bowen has won two Emmys for her role on Modern Family, but today she is tackling an even funnier — and dare I say, sexier? — role," DeGeneres says before playing a clip of Johnny Carson welcoming DeGeneres to his stage in 1986. It was then that DeGeneres became the first female comedian to perform on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. It was also DeGeneres' first appearance on network television. 


With that, Bowen takes to The Ellen Show's stage, dressed in a silky long-sleeve and a haircut just like DeGeneres wore back in the day. Bowen also delivers DeGeneres' own stand-up performance, which she later says she practiced over and over to get right. 

"Do you know how many times I did that in the mirror and then backwards in the mirror?" Bowen asks DeGeneres afterward. "It was really hard. You talk really fast."

DeGeneres then admits she talked fast because she was nervous on Carson's show, to which Bowen replies:

"I'm nervous. It was my first time as you, on you!" 

You can check it all out below:


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