Parents Of Child 'Born Without A Face' Adopt A Girl From The Ukraine With The Same Condition

Sisterly love is the best.

Ever since Juliana Wetmore was born, the news has reported on her story. The little girl is like any other, with a healthy mind and body, but it's hard to ignore her differences. Julianna suffers from a condition known as Treacher-Collins syndrome that affects the development of tissues and bones in her face. Just 1 in 50,000 people have it. 

For Juliana, the condition is so severe, that news outlets have referred to her as the girl born "without a face." She is deaf, and missing 40 percent of the bones in her face, and has had 45 surgeries already. But despite her medical challenges, Juliana remains a positive and bright spirit. Her mother, Tami Wetmore, told USA Today that the little girl is someone who only has pure love on the inside. 


"She doesn't judge anybody," says Juliana's mother. "She doesn't see anybody as different. She just takes everyone as the same."

Now 12 years old, Juliana is happy living with her family in Texas where she goes to school, plays with her friends and enjoys things like watching movies, playing on the computer and playing with her sisters. 

But there is one sibling, in particular, that Juliana shares a unique bond with — Danica.  

Danica was adopted by Juliana's family after living in a Ukraine orphanage for six years. The Wetmores were the first to visit the little girl in the orphanage, and the minute they saw her, they knew she was family. 

"We felt in our heart. I mean, we knew as soon as we saw her," says Tami. "I knew in my spirit. Go get your daughter. That's exactly what I felt."

But what makes Juliana and Danica's sisterly relationship so unique? It's the fact that Danica also has Treacher-Collins syndrome. 

The story of Danica's adoption was told earlier this year in a video posted by USA Today. In the video, it is said that because of her medical status, it was likely Danica would have been "turned out of the orphanage to live on the street." 

But luckily, she was able to find a loving home with the Wetmores, a family well-equipped to understand, and help her through the challenges of having a rare condition.  

"She's quirky, extremely inquisitive, very artistic, loves drawing, painting, expressing herself," says Thom Wetmore of his adopted daughter.

It is special enough that Juliana gets to meet another child with the same condition, let alone become her family member. 

After Danica, the Wetmores adopted three more siblings in need of a home. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the Wetmore family.

The video ends with a final thought from Thom: "You're daughter that you look at is just like a normal, everyday child, that looks a little bit different, but has changed so many lives because people realize, it's OK to be who you are." 



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