Chef Julia Turshen’s ‘Feed The Resistance’ Explores Where Food Meets Politics

From recipe to resistance.

The 2016 presidential election was a crystallizing moment for many to become more active in politics and in our communities. Julia Turshen, a renowned cookbook author and chef, was one of those people. After the election, she knew that in order to become active and stay active she needed to do what she does best, and that is cook. So she teamed up with 20-plus contributors to create the book aptly titled Feed the Resistance: Recipies + Ideas for Getting Involved.

The book is intended to act as inspiration and a launching platform for individuals to find their own ways to be and stay active in politics and their communities. The message is simple: do what you are good at and what you like, and don't feel like you have to do it all because that is how you will get burnt out. The book is peppered with wonderfully personal recipes such as Manoomin Elk Meatballs from Anthony Thosh Collins and Chelsey Luger, the founders of Well for Culture and The People's Grits from People's Kitchen Collective; and essays such as: "If You Want to Do Something, Don't Try to Do Everything" by Mikki Halpin, creator of actionnow; "How Food Can Impact Communities" by Caleb Zigas, executive director of La Cocina; and there are lists such as "Ten Ways to Engage That Aren't So Obvious" and "Ten Things You Can Do in Less Than Ten Minutes." 

So let's all eat a good meal and get involved.

Cover photo: Gentl & Hyers


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