On Her Last Day Of Chemo, Julia Louis-Dreyfus Received A Special Message From Her Sons

"Ain't they sweet?"

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has an amazing support system behind her as she fights breast cancer. On Thursday, the Emmy-winning actress shared a sweet video made by her sons, Henry and Charlie Hall, to motivate her on her last day of chemotherapy. 

"Pretty swell, right? Ain't they sweet?" Louis-Dreyfus wrote on Instagram to accompany the clip, calling them her "beauty boys."


The funny video begins with a written message: "Mom's Last Chemo Day!!! BEAT IT!!! Love, Henry and Charlie." It goes on to show the two of them dancing along to "Beat It" by Michael Jackson, mugging for the camera, and, eventually, lip-synching the lyrics to the appropriately titled song.

We can't say we're surprised to learn that these guys have a great sense of humor, considering who their mom is.

It's not the first encouraging video the Veep star has received since she revealed her cancer diagnosis last September. When she completed her second round of chemo in October, Louis-Dreyfus shared a clip made by her co-stars Tony Hale and Timothy Simons, in which they lip sync to Katy Perry's "Roar."

Later, as she started her third round of treatment, yet another pair of co-stars — Sam Richardson and Matt Walsh — psyched her up with their own version of "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. "And guess what? It worked. I'm psyched AF," Louis-Dreyfus wrote to accompany the video.

The former Seinfeld actress has also had the support of her husband, Brad Hall. Over the holidays, she shared a photo of the two of them kissing under the mistletoe, calling him her "hero." The couple met at Northwestern University, where son Charlie currently plays basketball.

It's good to know that Louis-Dreyfus has such a generous (and funny) group of people cheering her on as she continues her journey.


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