After Fighting Breast Cancer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Fighting For Affordable Health Care

"I can't imagine not doing it."

After completing cancer treatment, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is "grateful to be alive." In a new interview with People, she thanks her family and friends for their support, and says she's "feeling well" and is happy to get back to work on Veep. But there's something else she's passionate about — affordable health care for everyone.

It's a topic she's addressed since she first announced her breast cancer diagnosis almost a year ago. Louis-Dreyfus wrote that she has "fantastic insurance through my union," adding that "not all women are so lucky, so let's fight all cancers and make universal health care a reality."


This week, the actress appears in a new PSA, directed by her husband Brad Hall, encouraging Americans to "multiply your vote" by not only voting in the upcoming midterm elections but also by volunteering to encourage others to make their voices heard.

In the video, Louis-Dreyfus reiterates how "lucky" she was to have access to "excellent insurance, even with a pre-existing condition," adding, "that's the way it should be for absolutely everybody, and it's not."

"It is not lost on me how dire my circumstances would be if I did not have really strong insurance through my union," Louis-Dreyfus reiterated to People. "And the idea of not being covered when you're in a crisis, from a health care point of view, is an unconscionable thing to me."

The actress added that it's "gratifying" to be able to help others who are in a similar situation, calling it a "huge silver lining to all of this horribleness." When asked if she'll continue fighting for women's health care, Louis-Dreyfus told the magazine, "S— yes! My god! Emphatic yes! I can't imagine not doing it."

She has already teamed up with Carolina Herrera designer Wes Gordon to sell T-shirts for Saks Fifth Avenue's Key to the Cure campaign and support the AiRS Foundation, which helps women pay for breast reconstruction after mastectomies.

It's not the only way Louis-Dreyfus is standing up for women. Earlier this week, she signed an open letter supporting Christine Blasey Ford, an alumna of the actress' high school who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. 

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