Baker Turns Gingerbread Cookies Into Drool-Worthy Edible Pieces Of Art

You've never seen a cookie like this before.

Judit Czinkné Poór's cookies are nothing like the warm chocolate chip ones your mom might have put out on the table when you got home from school.


Poór's delicate cookies are more comparable to works of art than a sweet treat.

Poór, who runs a bakery in Hungary, wasn't always in the business of baking. In an interview with Cookie Connection, Poór said that it was only after a friend asked her to make gingerbread as a Christmas gift for family and friends that she considered going into the cookie business full time. Previously, she was a porcelain painter.-To make the extremely detailed cookies, the painter-turned-baker uses traditional Hungarian gingerbread and they are typically given away as gifts, because who would even dare to eat something as pretty as these cookies?

In addition to the folk art-inspired cookies, Poór also decorates cookies with portraits.

Some of her most impressive work is when she uses the gingerbread as a canvas for tiny 3D paintings.

What makes these drool-worthy cookies even more spectacular is that Poór claims she's never taken a class or watched any online tutorials.

For more insanely beautiful cookies check out Poór's Facebook or Instagram.

(H/T: Colossal)


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