Even Though A Teacher Has Probably Impacted You, People Choose Other Professions

This will make you think.

In 2012, there were an estimated 3.7 million full-time teachers in elementary and secondary education. But what if all of them stopped teaching? Or simply disappeared?

That was the question Jubilee Project posed to a handful of children and adults, and the response was both beautiful and insightful. 

"Everybody would be going cuckoo and we wouldn't know anything," a young girl replied ominously. 

Throughout the responses, one thing was consistent: Teachers mean a lot to a lot of people. Whether it was being nice to you in detention or showing you something in yourself you didn't know you had, everyone seems to have that one teacher who made a profoundly positive impact on their life. 

"I think it would be craziness just because I feel like teachers are — besides our parents — the first people we meet who shape who we become," one woman said.

Despite how often people recognize the important teachers they've had in their lives, less than 10 percent of "top-tier undergrads" show interest in teaching as a career. Jubilee Project is trying to get that number up, and they're encouraging you to tweet with the hashtag #BeATeacher or pledge to join the TEACH campaign and help recruit more educators. 

The world needs more great teachers. Let's help find them. 


Check out their moving video below:


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