These Women Are Falling From The Sky With One Very Important Message For Girls

Your stomach might drop when you watch this.

Jumping from thousands of feet in the air sounds like a nightmare for most, but for the JoyRiders, an international sydiving and BASE jumping team, it's just another day on the job. 

The members of the all-female group come from all parts of the world with the simple goal of pursuing excellence in flight while spreading joy along the way. 


Watching the fearless women free-fall is a reminder of what we are all capable of, but it also sends a positive message to other women aspiring to pursue a dream. 

"Women don't think they can do somethng like this, that they can make a living being a professional athlete, or even make their living by doing whatever it is they like to do," says one of the members of JoyRiders. "So we hope that by seeing us,  they realize they can do that."


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