This 2-Year-Old Helped His Dad Propose In The Most Adorable Way

Too smooth.

Sade Robinson had no idea what was in store for her during the birthday celebration of her 2-year-old son Christian. That's because Joshua Womble, her boyfriend of three years and the father of Christian, had a super secret marriage proposal planned. 


In the middle of the celebration at Womble's mom’s house in Michigan, Christian received a present from grandma.

He then began taking out each piece of tissue paper, one by one, until he finally got to the bottom.

Without Sade even realizing, Womble stealthily got down on one knee as Christian pulled out a black ring box. Sade then looked over at Womble kneeling down beside her and then back at the ring box, trying to put it all together.

That's when Christian pulled the ultimate wingman move and handed off the box to the dad, who then asked his girlfriend to be his wife.


According to BuzzFeed, Robinson, was “completely surprised.”

Her sister, Jacqueline, also said that it "meant a lot" that their son was a central figure in the proposal.

You can watch the proposal below:

Twitter was loving the proposal as well.


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