Dad Transforms Daughter Into Belle For A Disney-Inspired Photo Shoot Meant To Inspire Dads Everywhere

"My purpose is also to inspire dad's to spend more time with their kids."


Over the years, Disney movies have captivated both young and adult audiences alike. And for photographer Josh Rossi and his 3-year-old daughter Nellee, the films have also helped to establish a beautiful family bond.

"Disney movies help our family bond because I guess I am a kid at heart and so is my wife," Josh tells A Plus in an email. "We meet our kids on a level of imagination and create something awesome together."

That said, Josh transformed Nellee into Belle for a Beauty and the Beast-themed photo shoot, using his photography skills to edit the photos against European backdrops much like scenes from the movie. 

And while it's a fun collaboration, Josh also adds that the series is about so much more than a photograph. 

"I created this series to show my daughter how much she means to me. My purpose is also to inspire dads to spend more time with their kids," he says.

Photo courtesy of Josh Rossi

When asked what advice Rossi has for other parents looking to create ways to bond with their children, Josh's advice is simple: 

"I think a good base is to build something," he says. "We are all creative in our own way. I build images, my sister loves to cook with her son and in both circumstances, we are building. Find something you like to build and figure out a way to involve your kids." 

Josh says that one day, if Nellee wants, he'll teach her photography, too. But beyond that, he aims to inspire creativity and teach her how to build something from nothing. 

And they'll always have these pictures and memories to look back on. 

Check out more of Josh and Nellee's photos below:

Photo courtesy of Josh Rossi
Photo courtesy of Josh Rossi
Photo courtesy of Josh Rossi
Photo courtesy of Josh Rossi


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