Famous Actor Gets Standing Ovation For Speech On Surprising Topic

Wise words from a man who knows.

Josh Radnor didn't expect fame to come so quick, but when it did, it came with some lessons.

The star of How I Met Your Mother recently made an appearance on INKtalks in India, taking the stage to speak about the lessons he learned from fame and how it changed him as a person. 

"I had bought into the not uncommon notion that when I taste success, when I get over there then I'll be happy," Radnor said. "But the strangest thing happened, as the show got more successful I got more depressed."

That depression forced Radnor into being reflective about himself and the industry he was absorbed in. He speaks about how his goals for fame — to not become narcissistic or turn into a drug addict or alcoholic — began to influence his outlook on life. But what he found was that, even though he gets recognized on the street or is considered "famous," everyone has their own sort of fame. Fame, he explained, is really just visibility, which we all have. 

"I think it's useful to ask ourselves, 'what are we putting out there?'" he said onstage. "What are we omitting from our little control towers and what effect is that having on those who come in contact with it."

But that's not all. Radnor doesn't want people to just stop at being more considerate with their words and actions, he speaks about a larger idea of understanding the way humans are "porous" and how easily were affected by those around us. 

"Our behavior is contagious," he said. "Everything is contagious... every word, every action, every tweet, every Facebook post is a contribution to the collective. Every encounter affects us in subtle and not so subtle ways... and we can be contagiously good."

"I think we can all take a little better care of each other, be better examples for each other," he adds. "This, I suspect, is how we re-make the world. One word, one sentence, one story at a time."

At the end of his talk, the room gave him a standing ovation. 


Watch the full speech here:


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