Josh Groban Singing Donald Trump's Tweets Takes Populism To New Heights

This is as good as it gets.

What can be said about Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump that hasn't already been said? The wildly divisive businessman's brash, abrasive, and inflammatory tweets and comments have captured America's attention in the way usually left to reality shows and celebrity gossip.

But back to Mr. Trump... How can a man so obviously enamored with himself possibly be caricatured? While that remains to be seen, in the meantime we have this delicious bit of political relief offered by Josh Groban and Jimmy Kimmel.


Josh Groban appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to sing Donald Trump's tweets.

When you hear Groban sing Trump's claim that we "need global warming," you'll want to hum along as the world ends.

But it gets even better...

Even the brilliance of Trump's media observations are captured by Groban's smooth intonations...

...with his dirtiest burns softened into a delicious toxic medley.

Sing along with Groban and Trump here:

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