Culinary Star Cooks Steak Dinner In His Hotel Room Using A Clothing Iron

Bon appetit!

When you're on the road and staying in a hotel, eating well can be hard. Hotel room service can be incredibly expensive, and sometimes there aren't many options around for having a great meal on a budget. YouTube co-host Josh Greenfield, of the cooking duo Brothers Green Eats, just discovered a brilliant solution to this dilemma.


He cooked a steak dinner in a hotel room using a clothing iron.

Josh wanted to enjoy something special for his first night on the road without full kitchen access.

"I also wanted to treat myself to some steak because it's the first night and it's good to treat yourself when good things are going on in your life," he says in a YouTube video.   

Josh bought a thick steak that he cut in half because thinner steaks are easier to cook with an iron. He rubbed mayonnaise and special Italian seasoning on both sides of the steak. He then wrapped the steak in tinfoil before cooking it on the iron.

The clothing iron perfectly cooked a medium rare steak.

Josh also made a special steak sauce on the spot by combining the steak drippings, vinegar from a jalapeño peppers jar, ketchup, and mustard.

He served the steak on a bed of the sauce with lettuce and rice noodles. 

Josh cooked the rice noodles in the hotel by using coffee cups, mixing the noodles with diced vegetables and adding hot water from the coffee maker. He then drained the water from the cups by using a plastic bag with tiny holes.

Watch the full video to see the complete meal:


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