Another Magical Co-Parenting Photo Is Going Viral, And We Love The Trend


Last month, a particularly heartwarming family photo went viral. The image pictured a blended family of parents and step-parents showing their support at their kid's soccer game. People loved the message about positive co-parenting, and that even though some of the relationships may not have worked out, that the child was being raised with love and care from everyone. 


The trend of showing what positive co-parenting can look like is continuing as another similar photo is going viral. 

Dad Joseph Hawkey, and stepmom, Brianna Hawkey, decided to take 7-year-old Maddie to Disney World, where they surprised her by inviting her mom, Tiffany Bankert, and her stepdad, Luke Bankert. 

What Maddie also didn't know was that her stepmom had created Disney-themed T-shirts which celebrated the family's co-parenting.

Each family member's T-shirt had how they were related to Maddie written across the front in a Disney-inspired font. On the back of each T-shirt was the tag "#CO-PARENTING."

As for Maddie, her shirt read on the back, "#BESTDAYEVER."

Courtesy of Joe Hawkey

We think co-parenting is important because Maddie knows we are all working together to raise her," Joe Hawkey told A Plus via email. "She knows we all love her. We never want her to feel like she ever has to pick a side."

The family notes that it took time to be able to get to this stage. After things didn't work out between Joe and Tiffany, things were rocky, but after they both remarried, the group started planning more outings together. 

Hawkey told POPSUGAR that there are actually some brilliant things about co-parenting. He said the best thing is "all of us [are] able to understand the love we have for the same child. We all want her to succeed in life. She is our number one priority."

Hawkey added to HuffPost

"We love that little girl so much."

The Hakwey-Bankerts aren't the only family who has shown that despite the initial struggling, co-parenting can be a joy. Mayim Bialik opened up about co-parenting her son with her ex and another mom wrote a touching tribute to her ex-husband to show co-parenting is possible.

All of these cases show that no matter the size or shape of the group, love is the most important thing.


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