Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Play Drums In The Subway As Part Of His Collaborative New Music Project

He wants to hear from you.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's production company HitRecord is all about collaboration, and his latest project sounds like an amazing opportunity for aspiring musicians.


Over the weekend, Joseph shared a video of himself playing the drums on a subway platform. It's exactly the sort of joyful showmanship we've come to expect from him. As he plays, several passersby watch with smiles on their faces.

The performance is part of a new project called "Everyday, Spectacular," which seeks to create "a piece of art that captures those unmissable, spectacular moments that happen every day." To make it happen, Joseph needs help from his fans.

The HitRecord website challenges people to go to an everyday setting and have someone record them performing. Musicians should refer to a demo and music notes by Music Director Jeff Sudakin for their performances, but Joseph also encourages improv. Anyone who has their talent featured in the final music video will get paid. 

It may not be a 1,000-person rock band playing David Bowie in a stadium, but it's still a pretty cool way to bring talented people together and turn even the most ordinary settings into venues for artistic expression.

You can learn more about the project, view submissions, and enter your performance here by August 17.

And don't forget to check out Joseph's own spectacular, everyday performance below:

(H/T: VH1)


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