Magician Makes Dogs' Treats Disappear, But These Pooches Are Not Having It

OMG, such dorks.

There's just something with magic that makes you feel dumb. But it's not really the fact that you don't understand how it works — because you probably don't understand a lot of things, like what are these black holes in space or how to refill a printer ink cartridge ...

It's more about this sheer embarrassment knowing that you're being deluded by something that is happening right in front of your own eyes. 

If you've ever felt this way after watching a magic trick, you'll surely empathize with these dogs.


In his latest video, Finnish magician and mentalist Jose Ahonen thought it would be fun to practice his tricks on a different audience than he's normally used to ...

Dogs! Ahonen met with a bunch of pups and spent some quality play time bonding with them.

But the games came to an end right when Ahonen started putting his magic spell on these pooches ...

With the use of his genius (and some slick hand moves), Ahonen pulled the 'disappearing treat' act on his audience.

Needless to say, the dogs were confused.

Watch the hilarious video below and let us know if you learned a trick or two.


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