Parents Can Totally Relate To A Dad’s Hilarious Video Poking Fun At 8 Parenting Styles

"You've got yourself a kid, so there are a few ways you can do this."

Jordan Watson is a parenting vlogger from New Zealand who posts funny and practical videos on his How to DAD YouTube channel. He has provided helpful advice on everything from how to put a baby to sleep to creative ways on how to hold a baby.


For one of his latest videos, Watson presents "How to Parent," and offers eight a look at eight distinct parenting styles.

He explains, "You've got yourself a kid, so there are a few ways you can do this."

The interesting parenting styles include "The Helicopter Parent," "The 'Mum' Parent," "The Google Parent," "The Overprotective Parent," and more. In the video, Watson helpfully demonstrates each one with his baby girl.

He starts off depicting "The Helicopter Parent," which involves the parent circling the child. He tells his baby, "Don't mind me, I'm just going to be hovering over you for the next 18 years."

Watson moves onto "The 'Mum' Parent," which involves calling your mom in almost every situation to ask her parenting questions and find out what she did when you were a baby.

This is similar to "The Google Parent," but the latter option involves people asking Google all their parenting queries.

For "The Overprotective Parent," Watson is seen putting a bubble wrap vest on his little one before very carefully lifting her up. In the end of the funny video, he says, "Now you just want to try and be like a 'perfect' mix of all the above."

He adds, "But don’t worry if you’re not perfect. There will be plenty of people lining up to tell you exactly that, like your mother-in-law, your mum, your dad, your brother, the neighbor, the postman, that ‘Dr. Phil’ TV show, the list goes on ... Good luck!"

The clip proves that parenting comes in many different forms and no style is ever "perfect." 

It's also resonating with parents who have tried to figure out the "best" way to raise their kids and sometimes had to deal with unsolicited advice.

One dad said, "My wife and I are only 2 months into the journey of being a parent [sic] but you sir have taught us so much all while making us laugh. Thank you for all the instructional videos we love them! PS your children are just adorable."

"I encompass all of these," said a mama in reference to the parenting styles.

Another agreed, "I think I'm a bit of everything."

(H/T: HuffPost)


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