Here's Why The Crowd Cheered When This Point Guard Intentionally Missed A Free Throw

"We certainly in the future want him to get another shot at it."

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Usually, a missed free throw is cause for frustration for a college basketball player. For University of Iowa point guard Jordan Bohannon, however, missing a potentially record-breaking free throw attempt was a touching tribute to a beloved Hawkeyes legend that drew the praise and respect of Iowa fans, players, and the team's coach.

With 34 consecutive free throws under his belt, Bohannon was tied for the team's free throw record and on pace to best record holder Chris Street — who secured it while playing for the team in the early '90s — during a game against Northwestern University on Sunday. Street, however, died tragically in a car crash in January of 1993. Because of this, Bohannon intentionally missed what would have been his 35th consecutive free throw during Sunday night's game. "That's not my record to have," Bohannon said after the game. "Obviously, that record deserves to stay in his name." When pressed further about his reasoning behind the act, he explained to, "It's been in my mind for a while. I knew I wanted to leave it short a little bit. I didn't want to make it too obvious."

After the touching moment, Street's parents, Mike and Patty Street, hugged Bohannon on the hardwood. "Christopher would want him to do the best he could do and stay after it," Mike Street later told the Des Moines Register. "But that was Jordan's decision, and if that's what he wanted to do, then we appreciate it," Mike said. "We certainly in the future want him to get another shot at it."

Selflessness isn't a rarity in Iowa athletics. Last year, Estherville-Lincoln Central High School senior Amed Castro-Chavez forfeited a wrestling match to honor a wrestling rival Austin Roberts, who died suddenly weeks before the scheduled match. 

These altruistic gestures show that sometimes things are more important than winning or having your name placed in the record books. Or, as Jordan Bohannon eloquently put it in a post on Twitter, "Life is much bigger than basketball."

Check out Bohannon's free throw attempt, post-game interview, and Street's parents' reaction in the videos below:


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