You'll Never See The World In The Same Way After Watching This

This video will give you a whole new perspective.

German journalist and filmmaker Jonas Ginter is not your ordinary point-and-shoot cameraman. No sir. 

He has a very, very unique way of capturing the world that is all his own — A style that is so different, in fact, that you may never have seen anything like it. 


Don't believe us? See for yourself.

The video of Berlin might give you motion sickness, but it's totally worth watching just to see the city existing on a seemingly tiny planet. 

But how does Ginter achieve such an unusual effect?

GIF via Reddit user Jakona

Using a 3-D printer, Ginter created a custom mount device that holds six GoPro cameras all at once.

USA Today explains, "Each camera records from a different face of the cubed mount, which means that when all the footage is edited together, it shrinks the world down to a cartoonishly distorted time-lapse." 

After watching these videos, there's only one thing left for us to say: Woah, bro. Woah

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