Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Reunite With A Musical Message To Vote

This election just wouldn't be complete without them.

If you've missed former Daily Show host Jon Stewart giving his day-to-day take on this truly surreal election, you might feel a little better when you hear that last night he reunited with his Comedy Central pal Stephen Colbert on a live edition of The Late Show. Through an eccentric musical number that featured a guest appearance from Hamilton star Javier Muñoz, the pair made a last-minute plea for Americans to get out and vote Tuesday.

There was even a little callback to Stewart's previous appearance on the show, in the form of a perfectly executed spit take upon being reminded once again that Donald Trump is running for president.


"Now is the time to grow a spine," Colbert sings at the segment's close, as Stewart lists off the reasons not to vote for Trump. "The stakes are high, it's do or die, we can't rewind."

And really, at the end of the day, if Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart telling you to vote doesn't get you out to the polls, then what will?

Hear the dynamic duo's important message in the video below:


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