Watch Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Reunite To Take On Donald Trump

A few spit takes were in order.

Monday was Stephen Colbert's first night covering the Republican National Convention on The Late Show and he needed a little help making sense of everything.

"How did Donald Trump get the nomination?" Colbert wondered. "I can't explain it. But I think I know somebody who might be able to."

That somebody was former Daily Show host Jon Stewart. Colbert managed to track him down in his remote cabin, where he's been making kale jerky and avoiding the news.


When Colbert informed him that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, things got a little messy.

Jon wasted no time throwing a few jabs Trump's way, reminding us how much we've missed him.

"A guy who looks like he's actually wearing a Donald Trump costume," Jon said. "That guy?"

"Yes," Colbert confirmed. "And a loose-fitting one at that."

Processing this news was simply too much for Jon, so he called on someone very familiar for help — Stephen Colbert's old Colbert Show persona. Armed with sword and shield, and heralded by his signature eagle sound, he was prepared to ignore the convention and continue living off the grid.

That is, until he heard about Trump.

Witness the full reunion and all the spit takes in the video below:


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