Jon Stewart Appears On Live Political Podcast Taping, Reminds Us What We're Missing

As exasperated as ever.

Jon Stewart left a huge void when he signed off from The Daily Show for the last time, and although his replacement Trevor Noah has done an admirable job steering the ship in the face of unrealistic expectations, there's no question we need Stewart now more than ever. So it's a small relief that even if the political satirist isn't coming back to TV anytime soon, he is at least popping up publicly to offer his signature irritated opinion now and then. The most recent instance is a live taping of The Axe Files podcast with former Obama adviser David Axelrod, and it's a conversation that blissfully lasts for more than an hour.

Unsurprisingly, while discussing the current state of the 2016 election, Stewart was, in a word, incredulous. On Donald Trump's rise, he simply asked, "Are you eligible to run if you are a man-baby, or a baby-man?"

While the former Daily Show host laid into Trump like the good old days, he wasn't really operating on an explicit left-leaning agenda. Hillary Clinton wasn't safe from his wrath either, evidenced by comments such as "What I think about [Clinton] is I imagine to be a very bright woman without the courage of her convictions, because I'm not even sure what they are."

Throughout the candid conversation, Stewart jumped at both sides of the aisle, pointing out the various ways in which they've failed to make the government more efficient. He also criticized the media's coverage of the election, calling it out for giving so much attention to the "the most conflict-oriented, the most extreme" voices and moments on the campaign trail.

Needless to say, Stewart has a bone to pick with everyone. To watch him and his beard go off in full, watch the video of the interview here.

(H/T: Politico via The Daily Dot)

Cover image: Comedy Central via YouTube


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