Jon Stewart Completely Sums Up The Entire Anti-Vaccine Movement

"Your choice puts other people in jeopardy."

If you haven't yet heard, measles, "is off the chain contagious." And though once eradicated in the U.S. thanks to vaccines, the disease is now back, thanks to those who don't vaccinate.

Daily Show host Jon Stewart, with his trademark comic brilliance, tackled the anti-vaccine movement head on in a recent segment. 

"What takes Disneyland down? Something we thought we took down in the 1950s," he says.

"If your crazy wellness ideas only affected you, I'd be fine with that," he also adds. "But your choice puts other people in jeopardy."

What does he mean, exactly? Vaccines create a herd immunity that protects the population as a whole, but when people who are unable to be vaccinated, like babies, young children and the elderly, are exposed to a non-vaccinated person, they face a huge risk of catching deadly diseases. 

"They only work when we all do them," Stewart correctly observes.

When you're done watching Stewart, who also includes zombies in his argument, let magicians Penn & Teller explain further.

Then, go vaccinate your kids. 


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