The Reason Why This Girl's Face Looks So Different In This Split-Screen Portrait Is Not Photoshop

Whoa ...

Are you one of those people who screams "Photoshop!" every time you see a stunning photograph? It's OK if you are — we all know we're constantly being fooled by advertisers, celebrities, even our closest friends whose filtered selfies to make them hard to recognize.

However, it often makes us forget that digital retouching is not the only way to create mind-twisting, unordinary shots. They can easily be done with a little knowledge and imagination.

Just like this split screen portrait by Jon Simonassi.


You'll be surprised to know this trippy portrait wasn't created using the almighty Photoshop. The trick lies elsewhere ...

Simonassi, a Toronto-based cinematographer, says this portrait is a result of a discovery he made while experimenting with infrared photography:

"Infrared doesn't show skin abnormalities, like freckles, and gives a porcelain doll-like effect," he writes.

Simonassi shot this dual photograph using a modified Panasonic GH2 that had its infrared filter removed. The left side of the portrait was created by placing a blue infrared blocker in front of the lens, which, according to PetaPixel, recreated the image that a normal DSLR camera would capture.

For the right side Simonassi used a 720nm infrared filter. Such filter reflects (blocks) visible light and only passes infrared light creating this totally unique look of smooth, un-freckled skin.

Impressive, right?

Infrared is quite the opposite of ultraviolet photography, which only uses light from the UV spectrum and exposes features not visible in the normal light.

Above is a screenshot from a video that Thomas Leveritt did in order to show how sun affects our skin.

He used ultraviolet photography techniques to expose unseen features of people's skin and display the difference putting on some sunscreen can actually make. You can see the full video here.

Check out some more cool infrared photos below!

(H/T: PetaPixel)


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