Tattoo Artist Who Inked Kendall Jenner Makes Minimal Tattoos And They Are Sublime To Say The Least

We want.

Kendall Jenner and her model pal Hayley Baldwin have been making headlines for the last couple of days with their matching BFF tattoos

The two besties got almost identical tiny broken hearts inked on their middle fingers — Kendall's in white and Hayley's in red — which they of course Snapchatted for the world to see.


This is, however, not the first of Kendall's tattoo. 

The very first, in fact, was a tiny dot inked just a couple months ago by Jon Boy, a New York-based tattoo artist. Also on her finger,  also in white, almost invisible, ink. 

"It's the little things that matter," Jon Boy explained on his Instagram.

But who is this tattoo artists that everyone is currently raving about?

"I never considered myself an artist — even now, I don't think I'm an artist. Tattooing is my craft," Jon Boy told Refinery29. "I like timeless, elegant, sophisticated, and simplistic. I think less is more."

Jon Boy, who was going to be a youth pastor but had quite of a career change, moved to New York form Chicago five years ago and started working at West 4 Tattoo. His signature minimal tattoos quickly became something every girl in town wanted to have.

Scroll down to see his brilliant work for yourself.

Jon Boy's minimal tats are often inspired by the city.

Then there are these adorable finger tattoos ...

Sometimes less is really more.

These quotes also look gorgeous ...

"It's just a moment this time will pass."

"It was always raining."

"Thy will be done."

"Full metal heart."

"It is well."

"We're a team forever."

Latitude and longitude of Sendai, Japan.

Pretty sweet.

(H/T: Refinery29)


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