JoJo Sang 'Say Love' With An Elementary School Chorus And It Was Seriously Beautiful

"Why can't we just get them all passports?"

Remember when singer songwriter JoJo totally stole all of our hearts with her breakup hits "Leave (Get Out)" and "Too Little, Too Late"? Let's not forget "Baby, It's You." But where has she been all these years? Why haven't we heard from her? 

It looks like we're not the only ones who have been wondering. 


JoJo herself has, too.

The good news is we now have an answer. After finally resolving a messy battle with her old record company, she's getting ready to release a new album with her new label, Atlantic Records. She also put out three new songs this past summer. 

Most recently, she sang one of those songs at Staten Island elementary school, Public School 22. She was joined by their fabulous chorus for a particularly emotional rendition of "Say Love."  

"This was amazing," JoJo says after the performance is over. "I want to do this every time. I wish they were on the road with me. Why can't we just get them all passports and why can't we travel the world together? It was such a joy." 

Watch the beautiful performance below:

(H/T: Elle


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