This Girl Explains Why She's Not A Princess And You Won't Want To Argue With Her.


Meet a 5-year-old Joanna.


Please note that Jojo is NOT a princess.

In the video uploaded on YouTube just last week, this sassy little nugget makes it really clear, giving her dad a brilliant explanation why that's not the case. Just wait for it.

"No, you cannot call me 'my princess,' OK, Dad?" she says into the camera. "I need to tell you something. Don't say anything. I am not a princess, because ... you can tell me something afterwards."

Whoa, she puts quite a show. 

Her reasons why she's not an actual princess are more or less legit. First off, she doesn't have any sparkly "bwacelets." Or "weally sparkly princess headband." And her list is not about to end here.

But more than the reasons themselves, we're more impressed with Jojo's rhetorics ...

"I said, don't tell anyth— ... don't ask me anything or don't talk. You can talk after." 

Tell 'em, Jojo.

Watch the entire video below:

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