Australia Made Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Apologize For Not Declaring Their Dogs, And It Got Painfully Awkward

... then the internet got involved.

Here's a travel tip: don't mess with Australia and its quarantine policies.


As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard eloquently put it in their apology to the entire country, "Australia is a wonderful island, with a treasure trove of unique plants, animals, and people."

Therefore, as Depp stoutly explains, "It must be protected." 

So, when the couple forgot to declare their terriers, Pistol and Boo, Australia got a little pissed.

According to CNN, Heard was sentenced to a "one-month good behavior bond sentence" for the dog smuggling.

If she breaks the bond, she will owe about $800 to Australia, which it will use on their next import shipment of Frontline, maybe.

The reason their dogs Pistol and Boo posed such a threat to the country is because Australia is "free of many pests and diseases that are commonplace around the world."

When Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce found out about Heard's misstep in forgetting to file the proper paperwork, he went as far as threatening to put the dogs down.

Luckily, Heard's lawyers were able to prevent that from happening and the "War on Terriers," as the Daily Mail put it, is over.

In order to make sure no one ever thinks they are above Australian law — we're looking at you, Air Bud — Joyce posted this court-mandated apology video to his Facebook page.

As you can tell, they don't exactly look enthralled to be talking about the "importance of biosecurity," and it gets a little painful to watch. It's just so awkward, that the internet could only do one thing: tweet about it and get out a laugh.

Perhaps next time Australia can get a bigger budget for its thriller?

Although, Heard is racking up the credits on her IMDB page.

Sorry, Johnny, she's clearly the star in this one.

Ricky Gervais likened it to a hostage video.

Then someone actually made it into a parody hostage video.

The internet just can't get over Depp's expressionless face.

This Snapchat filter is so appropriate here.

Godspeed, Pistol and Boo. Good thing you are safe. Here's hoping Johnny Depp's private island has far less strict quarantine laws.


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