You Can Walk Away From This Powerful VR Experience, But You’ll Think Twice About Having Another Drink

A dose of reality sure to leave your head spinning.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. 

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and you probably can't wait to whip up some deliciously festive cocktails to celebrate with friends and loved ones.

But before toasting to a second and third round of spirits, stop for a moment to try "Decisions," Johnnie Walker scotch's 360-degree, drunk-driving virtual reality experience. It will surely reawaken the importance of phrases such as "don't drink and drive," and "drink responsibly."

The intense experience brings three stories crashing together — literally. And it only takes one woman, who drank too much at a work gathering, to change the lives of everyone involved. 

"It's where we make decisions that impact the rest of our lives," the video says after setting up the story lines.

"We've created an experience that I think is unforgettable and has such a huge impact that anybody at risk of making a bad decision, in terms of how much to drink and then getting behind the wheel, they will very much think twice," James Thompson, chief marketing/innovation officer of Diageo — Johnnie Walker's parent company — told Adweek.

"Our latest endeavor aims to leverage the power of VR technology to create a real experience that puts the viewer in the passenger seat of a drunk-driving accident, providing a firsthand account of the tragedy that can result from one bad decision," says Dan Sanborn, Diageo's senior vice president of Culture and Partnerships. "Our hope is that we reach millions with this experience as we think it will leave a lasting impression."

Want to try it out for yourself? You can access the full experience through the YouTube 360, Facebook 360 and New York Times VR platforms. 

But you can also check out the preview below. Be sure to use the directional pad in the top-left corner to explore around the subjects as this story progresses — and fasten your seat belts, because it's going to be an unforgettably bumpy ride. 



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