You May Take Your American History Knowledge For Granted, But For One Man, His Future Depends On It

"Thomas Jefferson."

Liquor brand Johnnie Walker pays tribute to immigrants with a new ad about the power of their knowledge.

The commercial, "Citizenship," focuses on a man who is in the midst of a United States citizenship test. The woman testing him asks who wrote the Declaration of Independence, but the answer isn't revealed right away. Instead, the man ends up at a bar with a few of his friends who try to guess the answer.


When they all give up, he's ready to reveal it.

"Thomas Jefferson," he says with a smile.

The ad is only part of Johnnie Walker's pro-immigration campaign "Keep Walking America." Just last week, actor Wilmer Valderrama teamed up with the brand to surprise new American citizens outside of two naturalization ceremonies in Los Angeles to give them a chance to share their stories.

Johnnie Walker isn't the first brand to bring attention to immigrants. Earlier this year, Budweiser released an ad during the Super Bowl chronicling the life of its co-founder Adolphus Busch and how he faced discrimination as an immigrant in the 19th century.

And while some might argue that the ad perpetuates the idea that immigrants know more about America's history than those born there, Johnnie Walker doesn't seem to be changing its mind anytime soon.

"Becoming an American citizen is a moment filled with pride and accomplishment—especially after the efforts and sacrifices many people have to endure to reach that moment," the company said in a statement, according to Ad Age. "The spot showcases that America has always been and should always remain a progressive nation, built on values that celebrate and reward people from all colors and creeds."

Watch the full ad below:


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