He Posted A Photo Of His Late Wife In Her Wedding Dress To Spread A Message Of Love, Loss, And Healing

He found the photo in her phone, but he never personally got to see her in the dress.

Though John Polo and Michelle were married, John personally never got to see his wife in her dream wedding dress. The two wed in a courthouse with a plan to have a proper wedding at a later date, but Michelle passed away from an aggressive form of cancer two weeks before the ceremony was to happen. 


Looking through Michelle's photos on her phone, John discovered a photo of her in the wedding dress. He shared the photo on his blog Better Not Better Widower, along with his story of love, loss, and healing.

Though Polo writes that he regrets not being able to see his late wife walk down the aisle, he says he is focusing on the positives, such as how happy she looked in her dress, and how much she loved it.   

"I lay motionless in bed, both happy and devastated," he wrote, "Tears flowing down my cheeks as I laughed aloud at the memory of how giddy [the dress] made her."

He also opened up about his future goals and how he wants to spread his message about love and healing. "I want to live a long life. I want to remarry and have grandkids. I want to write and teach. I want to spread my message to the world. I want to tell them everything I have learned about love, loss, grief, and healing. But. When it is my time, I am running up there. No, I am sprinting up there! To see her."

Sharing such stories of love and loss can help others grieving, or going through a similar experience, know they are not alone. It's important to keep those positive moments of joy in our hearts as we remember those no longer with us. 

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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