Colleagues And Loved Ones Send Support To John McCain Following His Brain Cancer Diagnosis

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others took to Twitter.

The office of Sen. John McCain released a statement Wednesday night revealing that the 80-year-old Republican lawmaker has brain cancer. McCain underwent a procedure to remove a blood clot on Friday at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix. 

According to the hospital's statement, "Subsequent tissue pathology revealed that a primary brain tumor known as glioblastoma was associated with the blood clot."


According to CNN, who spoke with doctors involved with McCain, brain scans after the procedure showed the concerning tissue was completely removed. Further treatment options, including chemotherapy and radiation, are being considered.

McCain's office told CNN that the Arizona senator is recovering "amazingly well."

McCain's daughter Meghan took to Twitter shortly after the news broke to share her family's reaction to her father's illness. She mentioned his previous battle with skin cancer, and acknowledged that her feelings are not unlike those of "countless American families whose loved ones are also stricken with the tragedy of disease and the inevitability of age."

She went on to praise her father's resilience. "Cancer may afflict him in many ways," she wrote. "But it will not make him surrender. Nothing ever has."

Others on Twitter, including fellow lawmakers and leaders of the past and present, spoke similarly of McCain, calling him a "fighter" and an "American hero," and sending their thoughts and prayers.

McCain was a Navy pilot during the Vietnam War, and was held as a prisoner of war for five and a half years. This latest battle, according to those who know him, is no match for the senator's fighting spirit.

Read some of these heartwarming responses below:

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