Actor John Malkovich Is Proving That It's Never Too Late For A Fresh Start In Powerful Short Film

"Make your next move. Make it beautiful."

For many, actor John Malkovich is best known for playing himself in the trippy 1999 film Being John Malkovich, in which John Cusack's character discovers a way to do just what the title suggests — be John Malkovich. 

Fittingly, being himself is precisely the subject of Malkovich's inspiring short film with Squarespace, the company that helped redesign the actor's website to showcase his new collection of menswear. Those who know Malkovich for his film career may not be aware that he has designed costumes for theater and even launched his own fashion labels in the past

Squarespace's new video dramatizes Malkovich's journey as a fashion designer, as he faces doubt from those around him but never loses his ambition. "I've never made my life about what other people thought of me or what I should do," he says. The ad conveys the important message that you need not be defined or limited by one career path, and that it's never too late for a fresh start.

Malkovich closes the video with this powerful call to action: "Make your next move. Make it beautiful."

"John's story is of change, transformation and reinvention," Squarespace's Chief Creative Officer David Lee told Adweek. "It's a gentle reminder that you don't have to settle with the hand you've been dealt."


See the short film and get inspired below:


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