John Legend Had A Total Blast At This Wedding. Too Bad He Was The Only Human There.


Rose petals, rose bouquets, John Legend playing the piano. Sounds like the perfect set up for a beautiful wedding, right?


It WAS beautiful, but with a slight catch. Mr. Legend was actually officiating the wedding for his dogs, Pippa and Putty.

In the video of the event, you can see him getting all cute with the happy couple. But his girlfriend Chrissy Teigen doesn't look like she's sold on the idea... at first.

The video was created for Omaze, a Los Angeles-based startup that allows regular people to experience "once in a lifetime" opportunities by donating to charity.

For their latest gig, Omaze teamed up with John Legend and offered participants the chance to win an exclusive show by the Grammy-winning singer performed in the place of their choice.

"I'll be there with a library of songs perfect for whatever the occasion and setting. Your wedding? Cool, I'm into that. Backyard BBQ? I can hang. Toddler's birthday party? Sure, as long as there's no clown," Legend writes.

Those who decide to take part will be donating to Legend's charity, the "Show Me Campaign," and help rebuild the auditorium at the former South High School in Springfield, Ohio.

Watch the full, adorable video below.

(H/T: OmazeTime)

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