John Legend's Latest Performance Officially Proves He Can Make Anything Sound Sexy

"I think I'm ovulating."

John Legend is known for singing some pretty romantic songs, and it inspired Late Show host Stephen Colbert to try a little experiment on Tuesday night's episode.

Colbert recalls a time he and Legend sang a duet of Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney's "The Girl Is Mine" on his previous show, The Colbert Report. "When I sat next to you on the bench, and you hit that first note, I went, 'I think I'm ovulating,' because you can make anything sound cool and sexy."

The host predicted that Legend's voice and style could spice up even the most mundane subjects, so the singer took a seat at the piano to put his own sultry spin on some especially boring lyrics. "Honey, I'm running out to the Costco," he sings to start. "There's no such thing as too many paper towels."

Even a song about washing a pilled turtleneck inside out becomes seductive when he sings it. "Tumble Dry, Tumble Dry, Tumble Dry Low" could be the next "Let's Get It On." We think Legend should add it to the setlist on his upcoming Darkness and Light Tour.


Watch Legend's unexpectedly sexy performance in the video below:


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