Watch John Krasinski And Stephen Colbert Fake Vomit Their Way Through Shakespeare

The tradition continues.

John Krasinski stopped by The Late Show Tuesday night to talk to Stephen Colbert about his new movie The Hollars. John directed and stars in the film, which he describes as being about "the power of family."

John certainly knows a little something about that, thanks to his marriage with Emily Blunt. The couple has a few family traditions, one of which is pranking Jimmy Kimmel. The other tradition involves pretending to vomit in the middle of a conversation or performance. As you know, the family that dry heaves together stays together.

It's a hobby they happen to share with Stephen Colbert himself. So the host couldn't pass up an opportunity to do a few more "puke takes" with his famous friend, this time performed while reciting one of Shakespeare's most famous sonnets, in honor of their lovely wives.


"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" John asks, accenting the line with a well-placed retch.

"Rough winds do shake the darling buds of hurgh," Colbert recites. Something tells us that's not what Shakespeare wrote.

We definitely never heard this version in English class.

Check out the entire poetic performance in the video below:


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