Artist Perfectly Captures The Flaws Of Our Society In A Series Of Witty Illustrations

The 'Happiness Kit' sums it all up.

Consumerism, taxes, obesity, digital addictions. All of these topics are destined to give you nausea. But they might be a little easier to process while looking at this series of pithy illustrations.

Sheffield-based artist John Holcroft uses his talent to look society right in the eye and reveals its flaws through his satirical works of art.

Take a look and ask yourself — aren't they just spot-on?


Holcroft's minimalistic, but metaphor-infused illustrations are both humorous and critical. Using colorful pictures, he manages to deliver blunt but accurate comments on egocentrism, conformity, consumerism, celebrity worship and other uncomfortable topics.

Want to see more of John Holcroft's work? Visit his website or Behance page and be sure to follow him on Facebook.

(H/T: Ufunk)


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