John Cena And Jimmy Fallon Handle Each Other's Sticky Balls On 'The Tonight Show'

Fallon's sticky balls are always fun.

It's always a good time whenever The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon brings on a straight-faced guest, and last night's excursion with WWE star and upcoming FOX series American Grit host John Cena was no exception ...


Especially since they played "Sticky Balls."

"Sticky Balls," as most people would expect, involves Fallon and his guest entering a velcro-lined chamber wearing suits of the same material and hurling sticky balls at each other. 

The idea is to cover your opponent with your sticky balls before he can do the same to you.

Well, more or less, anyway. The goal is to get more balls on your opponent than they can get on to you. Determining the winner is easy: as Fallon says in the video, "the one with the most balls stuck to his suit loses." 

The real fun, of course, is in the awful puns having to do with sticky balls. Watch the video below:

You can check out the first episode of American Grit on FOX now.


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