Joel McHale Makes Big Donation To Protest Crazy Bathroom Bill

One of the sweetest things ever.

Comedian Joel McHale was set to perform his stand-up routine on Friday at the Durham Performing Arts Center in North Carolina, but before he took the stage, the former host of The Soup questioned if he was going "to come tonight" to perform.

North Carolina recently passed House Bill 2 (HB2), which limits transgender people to only using the public restrooms intended for the gender listed on their birth certificates, and McHale "is vehemently opposed to HB2," his rep told People.

Despite his opposition to the bill, McHale took the stage to perform. He sported a homemade LGBTQ T-shirt and immediately addressed the controversial bill in his act.

He asked, "What the fuck is wrong with your government?"

Even though the North Carolina legislature passed the bill in March, the city council of Durham passed an anti-discrimination protection resolution for transgender individuals. McHale praised Durham and said that was the reason he wanted to perform there.

"Good," he said onstage, "let's go to the place where they support the destruction of that bill, saying 'Let's get on with our lives and stop perpetuating this stupid fucking thing that is now passed.' It's crazy."

McHale then told the audience his plan to protest the law and to help the local LGBTQ community.

"I'm going to donate every single dime I make tonight to the LGBTQ Center of Durham," he said as the crowd erupted with applause. "Yea. Every single dime. $2.4 million."


According to its about page, the LGBTQ Center of Durham improves the quality of life for the LGBTQ residents there through programs, resources, and support.

"He felt this was a good way to raise awareness and much-needed funds for a local center that is on the front line of this important cause," McHale's rep told People.

Other entertainers are also finding ways to protest HB2, including singer Bruce Springsteen, who canceled a North Carolina concert last week.

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