Here's What Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' Would Sound Like As A Slow And Soulful Song

Sooo nice.

For many dedicated Taylor Swift fans it might feel sacrilegious to claim a cover of one of her songs could be better than the original, but after seeing singer songwriter Joel Cross' version of Shake it Off, you might be convinced it's possible.

Cross performed the song at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens on Oct. 3, and began by saying: "I'm going to attempt to sing a Taylor Swift song. Feel free, if you don't like it, to let me know, and I will never do it again." 

But the moment he began playing, it was clear the audience didn't want him to stop. 


Hear it for yourself:

Unlike the original upbeat version of Shake it Off, Cross' is slow and soulful, giving the song a whole other feeling and tone. 

When he finished, audience members yelled out "Better than Taylor!" and many viewers on YouTube agreed. After being posted for just a few days, Cross' video already received almost 600k views, and one commenter even joked "I heard Taylor Swift made a cover of this."  

But regardless of whether or not you think Cross' version of Shake it Off is better, you have to at least admit it's different and should be able to coexist with the original in its own special space. 

To get more updates on Cross' music, check out his YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram.

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