These Lyft Passengers Had No Idea Joe Jonas Was Their Driver — With DNCE In The Back Seat

"You look like Joe Jonas."

If Joe Jonas was your Lyft driver, do you think you would recognize him? You might not be so sure after you watch the singer go undercover in precisely that job. His passengers don't seem to have the slightest suspicion that their driver is a Jonas Brother — even when his bandmates from DNCE climb into the car.

The prank is the latest in a series of videos from the ridesharing service, in which celebrities such as Demi Lovato and Shaquille O'Neal surprise unsuspecting fares from behind the wheel. Jonas takes a cue from previous Undercover Lyfts by wearing a hat and sunglasses for most of the rides. But even when he shows his full face, his passengers have no idea it's really him.

"You look like Joe Jonas," one woman comments, seeming to think he's just a lookalike.

"I get that all the time, it's ridiculous," Jonas responds.

Eventually, the singer picks up the rest of DNCE. For one ride, they all happen to be wearing Hawaiian shirts, but they pretend it's a coincidence. Even when they rock out to "Kissing Strangers," everyone remains oblivious — but at least they seem to be having fun.


See the big reveal in the video below:


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