This Teacher Went Viral For His April Fools' Day Joke — Now, Ellen's Recognizing What An Incredible Person He Is

She has a surprise for him.

In March, we covered Joey Dombrowski — the hilarious fourth-grade teacher who's April Fools' Day joke on his students went viral.

The joke — a fake spelling test filled with made-up words and their ridiculous spellings — went so viral that it caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres herself. Recently, the talk show host welcomed Dombrowski to her stage.

During his interview, Dombrowski explains that he likes playing positive pranks on the students and staff at the school to help make learning more fun.

"If they're laughing, they're going to remember it," Dombrowski says with regards to his lessons. 

At the end of their discussion, DeGeneres acknowledges that Dombrowski often uses his own money to buy school supplies for his students. So, she decides to surprise him with two checks for $10,000 — one for his school, and one for Dombrowski himself. 

Check out the full interview and surprise below:



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