Joe Biden's Seen All The Obama-Biden Memes — And, He Has A Favorite

He loved them as we did.

It's safe to say that one of the things Americans miss most about the Obama administration is the friendship between Obama and Joe Biden — and the memes borne from it. It was a bromance for the ages.  

No other White House duo has ever been so poised for immortalization in memes as Obama and Biden, a tribute fitting for a president whose campaign's social media push helped propel him to victory in the 2008 election. And they played on it, too, often speaking fondly of each other in interviews and expressing their affection for each other online. 


But their friendship seemed to run deep, and its sincerity was part of its pop culture appeal. As the Obama-Biden meme-train gained steam late last year — providing a welcome respite from the 2016 election results — it seemed the iconic pair had cemented their bromance in the weird and wonderful halls of internet culture. 

According to daughter Ashley Biden, the former Veep has seen all the memes of him and Obama — and, he has a favorite. Ashley told Moneyish, a new lifestyle and finances site, that when Biden first found out about the memes (from her, incidentally), he "sat there for an hour and laughed." 

The one he enjoyed the most, though, was the photo of him and Obama in a mid-embrace, the caption below celebrating their eight years in office together.

No word yet on what Obama's favorite is, though. 

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