Joe Biden Will Return To Delaware On Jan. 20 The Same Way He Has For 44 Years

"Serving this country has been our greatest honor."

Vice President Joe Biden's easy charm has long endeared him to the American public, so it's no surprise that he enjoys massive support in blue collar, working class communities. As the Obama administration wraps up its final days in the White House, Biden announced on Tuesday that he will be making his return to Delaware, his home state, in classic "average Joe" fashion. In a tweet, he wrote that he and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, will be taking their final commute home on an Amtrak train, the same way he has done for the past four decades as a politician.

"Jan 20, Jill and I will head home to Delaware the same way I have for 44 years: by train," Biden tweeted. "Serving this country has been our greatest honor."


Biden's long history of riding the Amtrak train to Washington, D.C. from Delaware, his home state, began after his family was involved in a car accident weeks after he was first elected to the Senate. His first wife Nelia and year-old daughter, Naomi, didn't survive the crash. His sons Beau, 3, and Hunter, 2, sustained critical injuries. Biden considered resigning before he was sworn into office, but ultimately decided not to. 

Afterwards, he commuted three hours every day from Delaware to D.C. for 36 years to fulfill his duties as senator and father.

In that time, he developed a fondness for his train commutes and fellow passengers, many of whom Biden came to know personally. In a 2008 piece in the New York Times about Biden finally moving to D.C. after decades of living hours away from his workplace, Julie Bosman wrote:

Mr. Biden will abandon his long-cherished routine that cemented his reputation as "Amtrak Joe," an average guy who rushes to make the train home to spend time with his kids.

After months of guessing from the media, Biden let slip his post-White House plans last week. He plans to continue his efforts at curing cancer, a task that Obama put him in charge of last year. Biden's own son, Beau, died of cancer in 2015, and Biden has vowed to "stay involved in this effort as long as I'm alive."

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