Why J.K. Rowling's Defense Of This Gay British Olympic Athlete Is So Necessary

"I think this focus on how the bigot/troll/bully feels is odd."

Not only is J.K. Rowling personally responsible for changing many a childhood, the British author is a beloved presence on Twitter to her nearly 8 million followers. From defending Donald Trump's freedom of speech to comforting young people who open up to her about their personal struggles, Rowling has used her platform as a way to champion her passions and provide solace. 

But she is perhaps most admired for repeatedly and fearlessly taking bullies to task — whether that bully is on a national stage or on social media. 

This Olympics season, J.K. Rowling took on a U.K.-based prayer and lobby group called Christian Voice. The group had tweeted a grossly homophobic view about English diver Tom Daley after his shocking semifinal elimination in the 10-meter platform dive. 


Daley is engaged to screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, whom he has talked about in interviews as being supportive and understanding of the pressure. 

Christian's Voice's homophobia was roundly criticized on Twitter, including, of course, by Rowling.

The author did get some pushback from those who thought that by responding, she was elevating their profile and lending weight to their bigotry. 

But Rowling made a strong argument for her response.

The 22-year-old Daley did not respond to the Christian group's tweet, but he's probably just too busy preparing for the next Olympics already.


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